dual cell spa with mp3 ionic cleanse foot detox spa

dual cell spa with mp3 ionic cleanse foot detox spa


1.       Modern design great looking machine.

2.       Onboard mp3 music system.

3.       for two persons to use it at the same time.


1.       help you with taking away the toxin of your body.

2.       alleviate pain which form sickness (as:headache, arthritis,rheumatism)

3.       to promote the metabolism of body

4.       increase the oxygen of body

5.       to strengthen physique

6.       to improve sleeping

7.       equilibrate internal pH

8.       improve your memory

9.       Recuperate the body endocrine system through the anion

10.   lower blood glucose, fat of blood, blood pressure, relax symptoms

Gross Weight: 6KG
Voltage: 110V/220V
Power: 50W
Current: 0.5A/2.5A
packing: Color carton

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thanks for reading the information of our company. Our company manufactures detox foot bath in Guangzhou China. It is a kind of medical instrument .As we know ,with the society developing faster and faster, most people walks to sub-health.So we manufacture the detox foot bath.             This product use the theory of ion. The pure hydrotherapy does not have any side effect, it is prominent to use the security, result It is easy way to cleanse our body.  Action speaks louder than words! If you try, a big pleasantly surprised comes to you..

We have own factory and mainly produce high quality detox foot bath and accessories. And we are looking for franchiser  distributing our product around the world.we also welcome the small order. It is very pleasure to know your email which I can send you more detail information.and if you have some question about us, please write to us.I will reply you immediately.

Best regards

selina xu





Product Origin: china
Model Number: A002
Brand Name: aijia

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Company Name: Aijia Technology Co.,Ltd
Contact Person: Selina
Address: #18tonghe guangzhou guangdong China
Zip: 510000
Telephone: 8613560137954
E-mail: selina200@126.com
Website: http://selina200.ietrade.com.cn

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