dual cell spa with far infrared belt ionic cleanse foot detox sp

1. Big LCD screen 10cm*6cm.
2. This product has two complete working systems, (with tow arrays that two people can enjoy together)
3. Two bamboo charcoal far infrared waistbands to keep your shape, there are three levels: low, medium and high.
4. The default working time is 60 minutes, time can be adjusted and shows on the LCD screen
5. Negative & positive ions exchange every 5 minutes and show in the screen, there are totally five working modes for choices, the percentage of the positive and negative ions are different on each mode.
6. Waveforms of the five modes show on LCD screen:

1.       help you with taking away the toxin of your body.

2.       alleviate pain which form sickness (as:headache, arthritis,rheumatism)

3.       to promote the metabolism of body

4.       increase the oxygen of body

5.       to strengthen physique

Product Origin: china Model Number: A005 Brand Name: aijia        

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